Turning pages

Hello fellow bloggers and readers,

I hope you are doing well with the recent situation we are all facing throughout the world. Everyone was affected one way or another. I hope there were still good things that came out of it or happened to you this year in your life.

My life took an unexpected turn, in a good way. Over the past few months of job hunting and rejection after rejection, I landed on a job which I have been waiting for all these years. I got a job in a proper cafe!

Yes I know, it’s not the fanciest job you would have expected. This particular cafe officially opened its doors August 10th, 2019. Situated close to where I live, it was the perfect place to be. Walking into the cafe, it felt warm, friendly and home. The energy and vibe was the place I have been seeking for. Started off as a regular customer, I went there over and over for their amazing coffee and delicious salad bowl. “Surprise me!,” was what I always told the cafe owner. Indeed, I was always surprised and happy with what was served.

I loved hearing the laughter and positive vibes that surrounds in the cafe. One day, I saw the owner posted about job openings in her cafe. Not knowing what kind of vacancies are offered and with no experience working in a cafe, I knew I had to send her a DM on Instagram directly; with hopes she would give me a chance. Not long after, she responded to set an interview date with her in her cafe. To my surprise, I feel rather calm attending a job interview, I felt calm and easy-going. We sat down facing one another, glasses of water on the table and paperworks. I told her at that moment, I don’t care what the job pays, I will take it because I need a change – I simply need a job that makes me happy to jumped out of bed every morning and end the day with full satisfaction.

Fast forward to today, I am working in the cafe for almost a month now. I am still here, feeling happy, grateful and thankful for the opportunity. I couldn’t thank her enough. She opened the door to more possibilities for me when all the other doors are shut close tight. I have build many beautiful friendships, received many smiles, and see a whole different perspective in life.

Most of all, I feel like me again.

I hope good things has happened or are going to happen for you in the near future. Patience is key. It is easier said than done, I experience it all the time. When all hope seems lost, that’s when miracle happens.