Second Day in Malaysia

Salam dari Malaysia, Greetings from Malaysia,

I am home in Malaysia! After 3 years of being away with the addition of the pandemic, my plan in 2020 was scrapped. I finally touched down in Kuala Lumpur yesterday after 17 hours of traveling from Munich with a layover in Doha. Everything ran pretty smoothly except my sinus infection which took a toll on me. Lucky enough, I stayed strong and pulled through the whole journey. I am very grateful.

A quick review about traveling with Qatar Airways:

Upon checking in at Munich airport, they will make sure you fulfill the requirements for traveling to your destination. It was a smooth check-in. You are required to wear face masks throughout the flight which is rather inconvenient. Travel hygiene kit will be provided: a face mask, 5 packets of gel hand sanitizer and a glove. The air stewardess/air steward were very friendly and helpful throughout the flight. The food was great too! I would highly recommend traveling with Qatar Airways.

Staying just only 15 minutes away from the airport in Sepang, the Orange Hotel has a convenient location. The room is spacious, comfortable bed, huge bathroom, free Wi-Fi. The area here has countless of food stalls, clinics, dental clinics, 24 hours stores, you name it. I would highly recommend this hotel if you want to live close-by to the airport. It is about 45 minutes away from the city.

Here are a couple of (mainly) food pictures which I have had today:

Besides that, we went to Mitsui Outlet Shopping Mall which was located 15 minutes away by car (Grab). People travel around with a Grab car which is very convenient. Grab is similar to a cab. There are many big brand stores in Mitsui Outlet Shopping Mall. To name a few: Michael Kors, Coach, Pierre Cardin, Furla etc. There are also stores such as: Watsons, G2000, The Coffee Bean, Starbucks, Tefal etc. I needed a coffee fix so I went to The Coffee Bean for a try. My usual coffee in Germany would be Cappuccino with oat milk / Flat White. However, none was offered at The Coffee Bean. In a hot, tropical country; we drink cold drinks, not hot coffee. I had a simple hot Americano instead. Would I have it again? Perhaps not. I’ll try Starbucks next time.

This Coffee Bean store looks fancy and unique. I love the interior design. It was clean and the staffs were friendly. The coffee culture in Malaysia is not as strong as it is in Germany. Coffee is simply coffee for people here.

The Coffee Bean at Mitsui Outlet Shopping Mall

On an additional note, the outlet shopping mall has a lot of discounts. In Pierre Cardin, you can get their bags for up to 50% off, Coach 47% off and more.

Overall, I am happy to be here with my parents and surrounded by food stalls that open for 24 hours! I look forward to returning to Sarawak in two days – to my hometown where I belong.

Look forward to more updates soon.

Salam dari Malaysia!