A Day Trip to Salzburg is All You Need!

Dear readers,

My friend and I planned a spontaneous trip to Salzburg, Austria few days ago. The plan went smoothly as we travelled to Salzburg yesterday by train from Munich Central Station regardless of the heavy snow. We were definitely nervous the night before because I do not want to jeopardise my friend’s career if we did not make it back the same day due to the heavy snowing in the state of Bayern. We went to the central station early to ask for information if it was safe to travel. The lady said yes. So, we took our chances.

Walking towards our train at Platform 10
München Hauptbahnhof (Munich Central Station)

Our train departed exactly at 0856 hours according to schedule, and arrived at 1042 hours in Salzburg Central Station. Along the journey, we could see how thick the snow was and it was snowing all day too. Thankfully, when we arrive in Salzburg, it stopped snowing. We had a few hours of that before it started to have snow shower. The streets were wet with the melting snow, as you could imagine. Waterproof boots, winter jacket, warm gloves are highly recommended. Plus, beanie and warm inner wear too if you want to survive the winter. It sucks that we need to wear so thick but that is just how it is! I love summertime because we can wear less!

Anyway, the ride to Salzburg was not that crowded. Along the way, the train does stop at least 6 to 7 different stations to drop and pick passengers up. However, the ride from Salzburg central station was packed. Some passengers had to stand throughout the journey. It is always safer to be there at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time unless you do not mind standing for 1 hour 45 minutes or more.

Purchasing train ticket:

I bought the train ticket via DB navigator app. The Bayern-ticket costs 25 Euro per person. For each person you add, it costs 7 Euro extra. There were two of us so we paid 32 Euro for our return ticket. We were choosing between Flixbus and the train. My friend had an unpleasant trip with the bus, therefore, we opt to try to train instead. It was my first time using the train on a long journey as well. It was worth it. I would highly recommend to take the train. We had the Meridian train.

Salzburg Hauptbahnhof (Salzburg Central Station)

It was rather easy to find which platform the train would be at by referring to the board at the Munich Central Station. Otherwise, there is an information centre just right in front of the platforms too.

Upon arriving in Salzburg Central Station, we looked for the bus to Cafe Tomaselli which was recommended by a friend. We intended to walk there, but it was challenging with the snow showers as I forgot my umbrella, plus a knee that has not recovered from a recent injury when I was in Australia.

Cafe Tomaselli is one of the popular cafes there. It was crowded when we arrived, and we got lucky that someone just left a table for us. They serve breakfasts, cakes, and drinks from alcohol to non-alcoholic. Tomaselli Hot Punch was my choice: mix of rum, orange juice and black tea. The waiter said it was a good choice if you want to sleep well! I have to admit, the hot punch was delicious. I would have this any day instead of Glühwein (mulled wine). I would highly recommend you to try it, too!

Drinks and cakes at Cafe Tomaselli

As for the cakes, there are pretty women walking around serving the cakes. Once you decided what you would like to have, you will have to pay it on the spot as well. Drinks and cakes are paid separately. The cake I had was dry but it was not overly sweet. It has a good balance.

After Cafe Tomaselli, we walked around the area in the snow shower. The shopping area is very unique. Usually we are used to the big shopping malls sort of thing but the ones in Salzburg are not that way. You can see it in the photo below:

We came across Mozarts Wohnhaus, Mozarts Geburtshaus (birthplace). We did not make any exact plans on where we need to visit. So, the idea of being spontaneous was not bad either. Salzburg have beautiful buildings. The people we met along the way are friendly, and smiley.

Mozart’s birthplace – museum. Mozart was born on the 27th January 1756 in this place.

Traveling with the bus in Salzburg:

The ticket machine did not work when we needed to use it. We are able to purchase tickets from the bus driver, too. The single-ticket costs 2,70 Euro per person. There is an option for 24-hours ticket as well.

It is easy to get one location to another by foot, when the weather allows you to. The earlier you depart from Munich, you will have more time to spent in Salzburg. The Salzburg Central Station is not far from the city and is easy to get there by bus if you are in a rush. If you are not doing any shopping, you can survive a whole day with 100 Euro. We spent on drinks and food, and I spent less than 100 Euro per person including the bus tickets.

May there be more adventures ahead!

Extra shots from Salzburg below!

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From Australian summer to Munich’s winter

Dear readers,

I’m back in Munich from my 3 weeks of trip to Australia! I didn’t update my blog as much as I planned to! I was having a wonderful summer time over there. The trip started in Launceston, Hobart, and ended in Melbourne. Melbourne has always been close to my heart. I’ve lived there for 6 months during my student exchange program and I fell in love with the city. However, life lead me to a different path – I was lead to Germany. Funny how life works!

Tasmania was different than Melbourne. It was hilly place indeed, with beautiful natures and wide green landscapes. I was happy that I managed to see the famous Tasmanian devil. Such cute little animals! I also got up close to wallabies, koala bears, echidnas, kookaburra and more. My sister drove us to a few famous spots outskirts of the city like The Bay of Fires.

Besides the sightseeing, I enjoyed authentic Malaysian (and Sarawakian) cuisines too! How much I’ve missed Sarawakian cuisines – as it can’t be found in Munich at all! My favorite of all times: Sarawak Laksa. It’s glass noodle is spicy broth. If you hadn’t tried it, you’re missing out on life. To get the best, authentic Sarawak Laksa, you’ll have to get it in Sarawak itself.

This trip, I finally managed to visit the beaches in Melbourne which I missed out 6 years ago. I visited Port Beach Melbourne, and Brighton Beach. I definitely look forward to return to Australia again soon when my sister moves over there for work. I hope I won’t miss out their New Year’s Eve celebration this time! I’m planning to travel as much as possible while I’m young, and of course, try to save as much as possible from each trip. I probably can’t save much from flight fares but I can save trips when I’m in the country itself – by using cheap method of transportation.

I’m planning to visit home this year, Malaysia, to see my family and friends, of course, not to forget the food. If you haven’t notice, Asians, or Malaysians, always meetup with food and drinks. We always, always arrange a meetup this way. We love to eat, and we have suppers in Malaysia (at least during my university days).

I have a lot more to share. I’ll have to continue it later on..

It’s snowing in Munich right now. It’s gonna get colder by day. I look forward for winter to be over already when it just started!

Until then,


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#DiscoverTasmania Itinerary 16.12.2018

Dear readers,

Yesterday we had a full-day itinerary. It was a long, windy road drive to Bay of Fires. The “snake” road was about an hour away from Bay of Fires. Driving down with blind spot cornering made my hands sweat even though I wasn’t the driver.

After 2.5 hours we finally arrived there with huge waves crashing the rocks. It wasn’t as touristy as I expected.

I realized the inconvenience of driving far distance here is that, there are no public toilets on the way. Unlike in Germany, every few kilometers, there are resting places and public toilets. But not over here in Tasmania. I’m not sure how it is in others cities in Australia. Remember don’t drink too much fluid unless you don’t mind doing your business in the open bushes. It’s not easy to get a hidden spot.

• • •

The path which leads you closer to the water and rocks. You can get there as near as possible. When we arrived, it was quite cloudy but then the clouds cleared pretty quickly above the water and we could get a better view. You can bring some snacks along with you but there won’t be much space on the grass to have a picnic. You can sit on the rocks and should expect the waves splashing when the tide is high.

It’s a good place for photo shoot! Don’t forget your camera!

This is the signboard as you enter the area.

After visiting The Gardens, we moved on to Binalong Bay as we needed to use the public toilet before our long drive back. Coincidentally the public toilet was located just next to the beach.

We went down to the sandy beach for a quick view and enjoying the breeze. The sand feels cooling and heavenly to the skin.

I found a seashell on my way out at Binalong Bay too.

Some people went for a swim in the water which looks pretty cold! We weren’t pack for swimming as we didn’t expect to get in the water but that’s okay. We had to leave for another long drive back home.

As soon as we arrived in the city, we went for delicious dinner at Dynasty Chinese Restaurant in Launceston city. I would highly recommend the restaurant!

Our itinerary today will be driving to Cradle Mountain – another long journey with more curving roads.

Until then.

Signing out,

Steph x

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Discovering Launceston

Dear readers, 

It is our 3rd day in Launceston. The days has been gloomy, cloudy, and windy. There were not many sunny days right here in Launceston, TAS. Today we had a full day program which started off with having lunch at an organic/vegan/vegetarian cafe known as Earthy Eats. They have managed to convinced me that vegetarian chilli bowl tastes as amazing as the original chilli recipe. It was filling, delicious, and good-taste of heat. It is served with corn chips on the side which is a wonderful addition to it. The vegetarian chilli bowl costs AUD 16,50. I am not converting it to Euro but I think it is quite pricey. I would pay AUD 12 for it instead of AUD 16,50.

After Earthy Eats, we went to grab some bubble milk tea at Boba House. They serve delicious classic bubble milk tea which always go well with tapioca pearls. Don’t miss out those chewy goodness! In Munich or in Germany, bubble milk tea is not popular which is why it is so hard to find a store that sells these Taiwanese drinks. I don’t think there is any stores in Munich but there is one in Dresden, known as Fresh Tea Store. It is not as similar or even close to the taste of classic, original Taiwanese milk teas but it is a good subsitute for a “healthy” or less sugary bubble milk tea.

I decided to skip Cotton On because my knee hasn’t fully recover from the incident two days ago. My sister drove us to Josef Chromy winery which is about 15 minutes drive from the city center. I did some wine tasting for AUD 5 per person. By the end of the wine tasting, I bought one of their Riesling wines to enjoy at home. The 750 ml bottle of Reisling costed AUD 28. On an additional note to that, you are not required to pay the wine tasting fee if you purchase at the end of your tasting. For extra information, there is a restaurant at Josef Chromy’s. There will be a country  music festival tomorrow at the vineyard.

Now that I have purchased a bottle of Riesling, we continued our journey to Beauty Point for some Fish N Chips and calamari. My sister said they serve the best calamari which is tender and fresh. The sea is just right outside the store. You may choose to bring your food out and enjoy the view, or sea breeze. However, there are also many seagulls around. Unless you want to enjoy each bite of your meal, I would suggest you to eat your meal in the store instead. Otherwise, the seagulls will bother you.

Tomorrow will be my sister’s graduation ceremony. She has finally completed her studies and moving onto the working adult world, full of responsibilites. Welcome to the real world, sis!

Thanks for reading and keeping up with my adventure in Australia ❤ 

Signing out,

Steph x

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First day in Launceston, TAS

Dear readers,

It’s my first day in Launceston, Tasmania. 

I arrived this morning and had brunch with my sister at a cafe called, Cuccina Cafe Restaurant. I tried their delicious Southern Fried Chicken Burger recommended by my sister. The french fries are to die for! The best french fries I have ever eaten. I would like to say the burger was great too but unfortunately the fried chicken breast was extremely salty. I sort of regret for not mentioning earlier but I did told the waitress when we paid for our meals. Lesson learnt: I shall mention when I dislike a certain meal earlier, and probably they could prepare a new one which is a lot less saltier. 

Southern Fried Chicken Burger

For drinks, I had water and iced mocha. It was okay. Nothing to be crazy for. 

Iced Mocha

I am still jet lagged, to be honest. I am feeling tired and not energetic at all. I am trying to keep up through the day and hope I would be able to sleep at night. 

Besides that, we went to buy our essentials and a new sunglasses (from Chemist). Nothing fancy or expensive for this short trip.  I am trying not to spend all the budget that I have. I am planning to spend most of them on food instead of material items, but you know, I can’t promise that Haha There are just so many cute , or vintage, or unique items here that I can’t find in Germany!

On to the weather: it’s 21 degrees, sunny and wonderful. A little bit windy but just nice. Summer in Australia is indeed different that what I experience in Germany. 

I look forward to exciting days ahead, and hope my knee feels better soon. We had some minor incident earlier and I was the victim. A little bit of carelessness caused it. I have learnt my lesson, that’s for sure.

Signing out,

Steph x


I’m finally in Melbourne!

Dear readers,

I’ve landed safely after my 23 hours of traveling. The room at this lodge is wonderful, however, the wall isn’t soundproof. I had buffet dinner Asian style for 26$ (yikes!). There were only few options! The buffet price includes water, tea and coffee. I can’t complain though because I’m staying near the airport as I have to catch an early morning flight to Tasmania tomorrow.

I’ve met few nice people when we board the van. I’ll be seeing Fran again tomorrow as we will be going to the airport together. She’s such a wonderful soul. Her cheerfulness welcomed me back in Melbourne.

There are much to explore tomorrow and the week ahead! I’ve heard wonderful things about Tasmania and I can’t wait to check it out with my own eyes, feel the breeze on my skin, and sand on my toes. I’ll be updating with pictures! Fingers cross to sunny days ahead!

This is the double bedroom of Ciloms Airport Lodge.

Optus prepaid options. Wait for it. Check the photo below!

Half price of 20$ instead of 40$ for 45GB!

Signing out,



On my way to Melbourne!

Dear readers,

As I’m typing this, I’m on my way to Melbourne. I’m on my 1st leg at the moment to Abu Dhabi. There was a slight delay but thankfully that was replaced with arrival time of 20 minutes earlier than scheduled. I should have more than enough time to freshen up before the next flight which will take 14 hours. I can’t wait to arrive on the ground and step on the soil of Melbourne.

Everything is going well so far. For lunch, I chose the lamb option in Etihad. It’s alright although I’m so much used to having spicy food. I wished it was spicy haha the blueberry cheesecake was good though. I wanted another one but everyone seemed to like it too. The couscous wasn’t my taste.

Sorry I forgot to take photos of the food. Perhaps I’ll do it on the next flight! I switched my window seat to a seat next to the aisle. However it is quite at the end of the flight. I chose something in the center but oh well, I hope it will be a smooth flight like this one. The sun will be setting soon in Abu Dhabi.

Hope for the best and I look forward to meeting my shortie, beautiful Korean-look-alike sister. Yep. She’s prettier!

Signing out

Steph x